About Us
Following our establishment in 1994, ASTEC quickly became a highly respected engineering consultancy and resource solutions business operating in the UK Nuclear Industry. Since 2011 we have been the part of Risktec, offering resource solutions across all of the group’s market sectors, including nuclear, defence, oil & gas, rail and renewables, and across the whole consulting service range, from safety engineering and other engineering disciplines, through management systems to organisational culture and competency assurance.
Our experience ranges from providing individual associates on short-term assignment to solve specific and urgent issues, through to multi-

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disciplinary teams on long-term assignment working within a major project or corporate support organisation. We focus on ensuring that the quality of support is to the same standard as the consulting and training services offered through Risktec Solutions.
We have gained a reputation for our flexible approach to working with our clients and associates. This has been repeatedly demonstrated with clients who require fluctuating staffing levels and varying expertise over the course of a project. Commercial flexibility is also built in to our business processes, through time and materials, fixed price or incentivised contracts.

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